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Artist Testimonials

Artistic Thinking and Practice With The Digital

The digital influences not only the tools and materials available for producing art or the process of conceptualizing, planning, disseminating and exhibiting art.  Digital technology and culture affects  contemporary art before the artwork is produced, and even before the conception of an artistic idea. It begins where the artist intuitively finds inspiration, sees or feels a need to respond to the world, and considers her or his capacity to act in the given societal or worldly conditions.

The digital is a metapsychological phenomenon that conditions our communicative existence today and informs a current ‘image of thought’ in artistic practice. But how does the digital participate in evolving contemporary art and aesthetics? How can we characterize an ‘image of thought’ in the context of the digital era as orienting current artistic practices and discourse? And how may this ‘image of thought’ affect, encourage or enable contemporary modes of political aesthetics and resonance in art?

Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art 
departs in artists’ reflections on how the digital affects artistic practice and thinking today – as human beings living in networked structures and connected to certain modes of discourse, forms of life, conceptions of thought, modes of agency and configurations of the common in a digitally organized reality. The book develops from artist testimonials collected from 78 artists, practicing individually and in groups, departing from or working within the Nordic art context(s), whose practices significantly engage digital technology.

The artists have been asked to describe how they experience the digital as influencing and having influenced their work and the contemporary art scenes in the Nordic contexts and worldwide; to what extent the themes or questions in their art reflect their connection with any geographical, cultural, societal and/or political Nordic context; and how the digital affects the ways in which their work responds to contemporary society. The testimonials were collected to form a point of departure for the authors of the book’s chapters.

The testimonials represent diverse perspectives  and positions of artists of different generations, backgrounds and orientations. Together, they reveal an ‘image of thought’ on how the digital dynamics that currently change our world simultaneously change the inquiries and forms of contemporary art, by changing the conditions, tools and imaginations of artists’ practices.

The testimonials are edited into thematic sections, which constitute Part 1 of the book.


On Being an Artist with the Digital
On Digital Tools, Methods and Research Processes
On Materiality and Behaviour in Digital Art
On Art Between Forms and Fields
On Perception and Art’s Experience
On Nordic Aesthetic Conditions and Identification
On Participatory Practices and Collaboration
On Art and Society
On (Alternative, Urban and Public) Spaces for Digital Art
On Art and Representation
On Art, Nature and Environment

Including perspectives by

Katja Aglert
Matti Aikio
Hrund Atladóttir
AUJIK (Stefan Larsson)
Laura Beloff
Bombina Bombast (Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic)
Niels Bonde
Jesper Carlsen
A K Dolven
Tor Jørgen van Eijk
Aberto Frigo
Søren Thilo Funder
HC Gilje
Goto80 (Anders Carlsson)
Marie Munk Hartwig
Bjørn Erik Haugen
Ilpo Heikkinen
Marianne Heske
Hanna Husberg
(Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää)
Illutron (Nicolas Padfield and Mads Høbye)
Marie Kølbæk Iversen
Ewa Jacobsson
Mogens Jacobsen
Johan Knattrup Jensen
Vibeke Jensen
Lisa Jevbratt
Erik Johansson
Arijana Kajfes
Tove Kjellmark
Jette Gejl Kristensen
Kristina Kvalvik
Marita Liulia
Lundahl & Seitl (Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl)
Anastasios Logothetis
Dark Matters
Mia Mäkelä
Teemu Mäki
Elisabeth Molin
Tone Myskja
Nuleinn (Rine Rodin & Magga Ploder)
Marjatta Oja
Erik Parr
Andrew Gryf Paterson
Pink Twins (Juha Vehviläinen & Vesa Vehviläinen)
Tuomo Rainio
Juan Duarte Regino
Jacob Remin
Stian Remvik
Carl-Johan Rosén
Petri Ruikka
Anne Katrine Senstad
Joonas Siren
Mats Jørgen Sivertsen
Jacek Smolicki
Lisa Strömbeck
Egill Sæbjörnsson
Tina Tarpgaard (recoil performance group)
Hanne Lise Thomsen
Björk Viggósdóttir
Magnus Wassborg
Jana Winderen
Kristoffer Ørum

(image selection from Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art)


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