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Where the Inaction Is: The Politics of Digital Things and the Significance of the Lab… in the Practices of Laura Beloff, Kollision and Mogens Jacobsen
by Morten Søndergaard

Søndergaard examines an opposite mode to the dynamic of ‘interaction’ in the critical notion of ‘inaction’ as a cultural and political, speculative mechanism in society today. He describes how when transmitted into the physical materiality of fabrics, architecture and ‘things’, this mechanism effectuates ideological frameworks for our conceptual understanding of the world and affects the ways in which we operate with phenomena and perception. Søndergaard suggests that artists in their practices with the digital – as forms of laboratories – may propose inversions of the digital dynamic effect of interaction, and hence in their practices lies an opportunity for reducing imperatives of interactive aesthetics to democracy-diminishing modes of inaction.


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